"Funky Buddha" print artwork by Emma Mullender

Funky Buddha



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Large 50 x 75cm£125
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"Funky Buddha. Mind Body and Soul collage" by Emma Mullender
“Funky Buddha” (2019) by Emma Mullender

I fell in love with this print the minute I saw it. It looks amazing in the flesh and the paper quality is excellent!

Louise Grant

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There is a wonderful little Music and Arts Festival in Leicestershire called Noisily. It really is a magical place and every time I’ve been I have taken lots of photos of the fantastic light displays they have in the trees and around the festival site. I knew one day I would incorporate these photos in to a collage.

The Sun, Island in the water, Lanterns, Buddha Crown and Wand in the collage have all been made up from the lanterns and funky lights that adorn the festival grounds.

I chose to make Buddha the main feature of this collage, simply because I have wanted to make a Buddha collage forever, and have added my signature peacock feathers that tend to creep in to most things I create!

The Process

A Mixed Media collage made on canvas. Created with photographs, wrapping papers, Japanese print napkins, paints and Pens and digital effects. It took a huge amount of cutting and sticking to finish this collage!

"Funky Buddha" Mind Body and Soul print in office. Mixed Media collage by Emma Mullender


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