"Guitar LED Lamp Assemblage on wall" by Emma Mullender

Guitar LED Wall Lamp



Recycled Guitar Lamp Assemblage

Restyled and Reloved ❤️

Available for sale

Restyled Guitar Assemblage Price
Wall mounted, full adult size guitar. Battery Operated AAA £425.00
"Guitar LED Lamp Assemblage on wall" by Emma Mullender
“Guitar LED Lamp” (2022) by Emma Mullender


I found an old guitar in someone’s front garden. It had missing strings, but other than that was in good condition. I knew I wanted to transform the guitar into something different, but wasn’t sure what! After a day or so of deliberating, the decision was made to make the guitar into a light. I have no electrical skills, so battery operated it had to be!

The design itself was inspired by the artisan paper that I applied around the edge, which I then tried to replicate on the front of the guitar, using acrylic paint and my mandala dotting tools.

The Process

I started by taking off the strings, sanding the varnish off, and choosing paint colours that would compliment the paper I was using on the side of the guitar. Finding a LED light that fit perfectly in the hole was the biggest challenge! I also had to make a stand for the light to sit on, so it sat flush with the top of the guitar. Wondering how you change the batteries? You have to give the light a firm pull (I used some heavy duty velcro so it wouldn’t ever fall off!) then voila, you can pop the new batteries in 🙂

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