"Love Heart" Unique Assemblage Commission by Emma Mullender

Love Heart



“Love Heart” mixed media collage by Emma Mullender

“Love Heart” (2015) by Emma Mullender

"Love Heart" Mixed Media 3D Collage on Canvas by Emma Mullender

“You stole my heart from day one”


A mixed media collage created to compliment a bench I upcycled and the dining room table it would sit above. The fabric on the bench was designed by the famous designer Stig Ljungberg. Both the collage and the fabric have black background with lots of yellow and deep pinks and reds.

The Process

Made on a 60x60cm Canvas. I individually wrapped the corks with ribbons and wrapping paper. I created the heart with rope and created three love quotes to sit in between the corks.

"Love Heart" Mixed Media 3D Collage with bench by Emma Mullender


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