"Miniature Garden" Assemblage by Emma Mullender

Miniature Garden in Drawer



Miniature Nature Inspired Garden Assemblage by Emma Mullender

Bea’s Box Assemblage (2020) by Emma Mullender

"Miniature Garden" Assemblage by Emma Mullender

Emma made my daughter a beautiful and unique miniature fairy garden. Bea loves all the tiny flowers, bees and trinkets. Each time she looks at it she finds a new treasure. A lovely handmade gift, which I’m sure will be enjoyed for years to come. I’d highly recommend Emma for any unique and imaginative gifts, for others or for yourself

Yvonne Leggett


I was asked to make a unique, nature inspired gift for a 3 year old girls birthday. When making anything for little ones, I always like to make sure it is something they will not grow out of too quickly and can be enjoyed for a few years.

The Process

Created in an old drawer, and decorated with napkins, corks, lolly-pop sticks, rope, wrapping paper dried flowers, twigs, stones, pine cones, preserved moss (dried) , miniature robins, watering can and a flower pot! All stuck down with either tacks, super glue or no more nails!


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