Peace Sign

“Peace Sign” Glow in the dark Assemblage by Emma Mullender

“Peace Sign” (2020) by Emma Mullender

"Peace Sign Assemblage" day time by Emma Mullender

Music is a language we all understand

"Peace Sign Assemblage" on wall by Emma Mullender


During the 90’s when I was a young and regular party goer, I used love the bright art backdrops that used to adorn the walls at underground raves and nightclubs. They were painted with a ‘glow in the dark’ paint so they would glow under the UV lights. I wanted to create a piece of art that would bring back those memories, but something that would look great in the day too.


I picked up this huge second hand piece of MDF for £10. It originally was covered with a piece of fabric with Marilyn Monroe’s face on it. Even though I like Marilyn, the fabric had to come off so I could get on with creating my ‘Rave Backdrop’ inspired art. It was made with a mixture of using glow in the dark paints, papers, mirrors and other knick-knacks found in my studio and around the home. I also drilled holes and thread through some copper LED lights that can be switched on at the back.


  • Size: 1.1 x 1.3m
  • 2 x UV strip lights included
  • LED lights 6 batteries included
  • UK delivery cost upon request
  • £425.00

Music is medicine to the mind and the soul

Asian Inspired Assemblage

Asian Inspired Assemblage by Emma Mullender

Assemblage on 2 Planks of Wood (2020) by Emma Mullender

"Oriental Garden" Assemblage by Emma Mullender


Inspired and created from my love of Japanese prints, wrapping papers and random Knickknacks! I totally enjoyed making this assemblage, it looks great in the flesh and is something a little bit different for you’re wall!

The Process

Made from 2 planks of pinewood battened together in a staggered position, this Assemblage has a feminine and oriental feel. A collection of twigs/small branches, glass beads (used as miniature vases) flowers, peacock feathers, miniature gilt mirror, wrapping papers, second hand frames (for Japanese print post cards) 3D craft birds, second hand trinkets, and old jewellery.

Lantern Assemblage

Lantern Assemblage on Planks of Wood by Emma Mullender

Nature inspired Lantern Assemblage (2020) by Emma Mullender

"Lantern" Aseemblage by Emma Mullender


I wanted to make a wall-hung assemblage to house my 3 lovely
lanterns that had been sitting in a box since I bought them. I wanted them grouped together to form a piece of assemblage art.

The Process

I started by cutting a pine plank of wood into 3 and fixing them together in a staggered position. I drilled a hole for the 3 brass rods that would hold the lanterns. By using an assortment of glass beads, love-hearts and gift-wrap , and finishing with a glittery spray paint, so it would create a sparkling effect when the candles are lit. I have created a beautiful one-of-kind art piece.

"Assemblage 3 Lanterns on Planks of Wood" by Emma Mullender
I am still not sure if I want to sell it or not! But if you like it let me know!
Measurements: 740mm x 430mm

Miniature Garden in Drawer

Miniature Nature Inspired Garden Assemblage by Emma Mullender

Bea’s Box Assemblage (2020) by Emma Mullender

"Miniature Garden" Assemblage by Emma Mullender

Emma made my daughter a beautiful and unique miniature fairy garden. Bea loves all the tiny flowers, bees and trinkets. Each time she looks at it she finds a new treasure. A lovely handmade gift, which I’m sure will be enjoyed for years to come. I’d highly recommend Emma for any unique and imaginative gifts, for others or for yourself

Yvonne Leggett


I was asked to make a unique, nature inspired gift for a 3 year old girls birthday. When making anything for little ones, I always like to make sure it is something they will not grow out of too quickly and can be enjoyed for a few years.

The Process

Created in an old drawer, and decorated with napkins, corks, lolly-pop sticks, rope, wrapping paper dried flowers, twigs, stones, pine cones, preserved moss (dried) , miniature robins, watering can and a flower pot! All stuck down with either tacks, super glue or no more nails!

Door Knob Mirror

Recycled Painted Mirror Assemblage by Emma Mullender

Door Knob Assemblage (2020) by Emma Mullender

I love seeing the potential in everyday things and transforming them in to one off unique designs

Emma Mullender
"Door Knob Mirror" Assemblage by Emma Mullender


For quite a while, my son Arlo had been asking me to make him a mirror for his bedroom. He has quite a strong opinion for an 8 year old on how he wants his bedroom decorated, so we talked about the colours and shapes he likes best. Arlo loves bright colours, crazy patterns and circles. It didn’t take me long to know that the ‘job lot’ of door knobs I had been hording for the past two years would be an integral part of the design!

The Process

I made the base of the mirror with a plank of pinewood, which was cut in to 3 pieces. The Planks were then held together with a 2×4 inch baton. The plan was for Arlo to help me to paint the knobs, but he got bored after painting two! I on the other hand found it quite therapeutic, and I think I achieved the crazy pattern look that was desired!

I have huge amount of craft bits and pieces, but chose to use the wooden hearts, as they fit in-between the door knobs well and helped create the circular shape that Arlo wanted, I then superglued on some glass beads for an extra touch.

Apart from the mirror itself, which was purchased from a charity shop, everything else was found around the home. I am pleased to say that Arlo loves his mirror and seems to like to look at himself at every opportunity!

"Door Knob Mirror" before picture Assemblage by Emma Mullender
Before I got busy painting!

360 Design Collage Table

Surrealist Style Collage Table by Emma Mullender

Assemblage Table 360 design with Metal Hairpin Legs by Emma Mullender

"Table Collage" Assemblage by Emma Mullender

“The world doesn’t make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?

Pablo Picasso


I found the most fantastic collage book in a charity shop, and I can honestly say it’s one of my best second hand finds EVER!. The images in the book somehow inspired me to make this table, I just knew it would look great as a table top. I’ve upcycled many pieces of furniture, but never made a piece of furniture from scratch! Ok, I got a bit of help putting the frame together (my carpentry skills aren’t the best) but pretty much did all the rest of the work! I’m proud of it and LOVE it too much to part with it!

The Process

Made from an old table top, planks of pinewood (to frame top) I used a blow-torch to blacken the pinewood and bought some 1950s style hairpin legs. The collage has been designed to make ‘sense’ from any angle you look at it. A 360 degree collage. Sealed to a wipe clean waterproof finish .

Love Heart

“Love Heart” mixed media collage by Emma Mullender

“Love Heart” (2015) by Emma Mullender

"Love Heart" Mixed Media 3D Collage on Canvas by Emma Mullender

“You stole my heart from day one”


A mixed media collage created to compliment a bench I upcycled and the dining room table it would sit above. The fabric on the bench was designed by the famous designer Stig Ljungberg. Both the collage and the fabric have black background with lots of yellow and deep pinks and reds.

The Process

Made on a 60x60cm Canvas. I individually wrapped the corks with ribbons and wrapping paper. I created the heart with rope and created three love quotes to sit in between the corks.

"Love Heart" Mixed Media 3D Collage with bench by Emma Mullender

Wire Mannequin LED Lamp

Wire Mannequin LED Lamp Assemblage


I bought this lovely mannequin from a local selling site. She had been hiding in the loft of the previous owner for more than 3 decades! I was so chuffed with my new purchase, I loved her just as she was, but me being me, I knew I had to do something with her! So I decided to give her a purpose, after a long thought, I decided to make her into a lamp..

The Process

One of the most of simpler things I have restyled, but she didn’t need much doing to her because she was already beautiful! I purchased a set of 100 pink LED lights on copper wire and wound them around the back of the mannequin, which gives a low-key, but beautiful glow. I also bought 2 flower garlands, chopped them up to individual flowers, and then placed them sporadically around the mannequin, but placing them so the flowers didn’t deflect from its feminine shape…

Keen on purchasing her? I’m not 100% sure I want to sell her yet, but get in touch if you’re interested!

Cymbal Assemblage

Cymbal Assemblage

Mandala design on recycled materials

One of a Kind Assemblage

Artwork Size Guide Price
350mm x 500m £345.00
Free UK Delivery
“Cymbal Assemblage” (2022) by Emma Mullender
"Assemblage cymbal art" before picture by Emma Mullender"Cymbal Assemblage" by Emma Mullender

A quirky assemblage, perfect for alerting your family that ‘lunch is ready’!

Emma Mullender


I was given a drum kit, an old rusty one, but it was the perfect materials for recycled assemblages. This ‘Cymbal Assemblage’ was inspired from my love of making art with a musical theme + I’ve always loved the simplicity of the design and colours of my retro salt shakers!, so I gathered some paints and my mandala dotting art tools that would help achieve this look.

"Wedding Collage" Amanda and Gareth ice cream van by Emma Mullender

The Process

"Assemblage cymbal art" before picture by Emma Mullender"Assemblage cymbal art" side view with wooden gong mallet by Emma Mullender
"Wire Mannequin LED Lamp" assemblage before picture by Emma Mullender"Wire Mannequin LED Lamp" assemblage before picture by Emma Mullender

I started by cutting the wood to size and sanding down the rough edges. Next step was spray painting the largest cymbal with white gloss paint (paint suitable for metal). Once dried, I started to design the edge of the cymbal, keeping it simple -like the salt and pepper pots! I decided to leave the smaller cymbal paint free, embracing all it’s blemishes! Both cymbals were bolted on the backboard, with small wooden pegs (the same depth as the bolt) fitted around the back of the board, allowing the board to sit sturdy, away from the wall.

All of the materials were recycled, apart from the wooden gong mallet! I was a bit indecisive about buying the mallet, but thought it didn’t seem right to have a cymbal with something to bash it with!

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Guitar LED Wall Lamp

Recycled Guitar Lamp Assemblage

Restyled and Reloved ❤️

Available for sale

Restyled Guitar Assemblage Price
Wall mounted, full adult size guitar. Battery Operated AAA £425.00
"Guitar LED Lamp Assemblage on wall" by Emma Mullender
“Guitar LED Lamp” (2022) by Emma Mullender


I found an old guitar in someone’s front garden. It had missing strings, but other than that was in good condition. I knew I wanted to transform the guitar into something different, but wasn’t sure what! After a day or so of deliberating, the decision was made to make the guitar into a light. I have no electrical skills, so battery operated it had to be!

The design itself was inspired by the artisan paper that I applied around the edge, which I then tried to replicate on the front of the guitar, using acrylic paint and my mandala dotting tools.

The Process

I started by taking off the strings, sanding the varnish off, and choosing paint colours that would compliment the paper I was using on the side of the guitar. Finding a LED light that fit perfectly in the hole was the biggest challenge! I also had to make a stand for the light to sit on, so it sat flush with the top of the guitar. Wondering how you change the batteries? You have to give the light a firm pull (I used some heavy duty velcro so it wouldn’t ever fall off!) then voila, you can pop the new batteries in 🙂

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