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About Me

Your home is where your heart is. Your art too for that matter. To create a home that is stylish and comfortable, but also one that reflects your personality, takes time, energy, and skills. Luckily, as an imaginative artist and designer, I have what it takes to achieve your dream home, backed up with years of experience and a quirky creative spark thrown in.

I take commissions for individual art, interior styling and restyling furniture projects, but I am in my element when I can combine all 3 services to really bring a space life!

Reusing or choosing materials that have a low environmental impact is important part of designing for me. I absolutely love to recycle and always like explore the idea of “doing something up” before buying anything new. Upholstering a chair or redesigning the appearance of furniture are great ways that you can help approach design in a more environmentally conscious way.

Nothing pleases me more than helping people look at their existing old furniture in a new light. But do not get me wrong, I love nothing better than a new luxury wallpaper or sumptuous new fabric, but I just love it more when its teamed with something recycled, quirky, and unique!


My love of collage and mixed-media art evolved from years of making eye-catching mood boards for interior design clients. I love the process of tearing, cutting, and combining colours, producing not only a unique piece of art for your wall, but one that will bring the whole room together.

In more recent years alongside collage, I have been experimenting with different textures, shapes, and forms, using an unlikely combination of found objects recycled from the home or nature, creating quirky Assemblage Art. As an imaginative artist, I love coming up with new ideas and I am happy to take on commission challenges!

As well as taking on client projects, I often find myself expressing my passions on canvas. I love to spend time listening to music or walking in the forest, both past times are expressed in my artwork.

Collage Kits

Fancy getting creative? I make collage kits too! My kits are great if you fancy a new hobby, or looking for a unique, handmade gift for those who like to be creative.

Interior Design

Since completing my Higher National Diploma in Interior Design in 2002, I have worked for several interior design companies in London and the South East, including a designer role for the well-known upmarket kitchen company John Lewis of Hungerford and Kensington interior designer Stephen Roxburghe. Since then I have developed my own style and portfolio of skills, and now work from my studio in Forest Row, in East Sussex.

For me, Interior Design is all about exploring your personality. We are all different and our homes should characterise that. I love to encourage clients to be brave with colour and pattern, and balancing an eclectic mix of handmade crafts, luxury with distressed, modern with vintage and redesigning or sourcing interesting furniture and accessories. My mission, as an imaginative artist, is to create a home you love, that is totally unique – but totally you!

Restyling Furniture

After years of curiosity, in 2016 I finally took the plunge and joined a class to learn traditional methods of upholstery. I have continued to nurture my skills as an upholsterer and refine my talent in restyling vintage furniture, giving much-loved chairs and furniture a new lease of life.

I like to treat each piece of furniture that I work with as an individual, functional work of art. Whatever your personal taste – quirky and bold or chic and elegant, my passion is restore heirlooms and sentimental pieces to beyond their former glory.