"Bathroom Skull" Unique Collage Commission by Emma Mullender




“Life is but a dream” mixed media skull collage by Emma Mullender

“Life is but a dream” (2020) by Emma Mullender

“Life is but a dream”


This mixed media collage was created as a part of an interior styling scheme for a family bathroom. The idea was to make the art so it would match the 2 prints that were in the same corner of the bathroom. Both of the other prints featured skulls, bright colours and black and white colour scheme, so I chose to continue the same theme and colours.

The Process

I picked up the wood frame in a charity shop. It was missing the glass and the back-board, so I made the back with some plyboard and decided to make the collage 3D, so it didn’t matter it was not glazed. A combination of paints, pens, paper, fabric flowers, a badge, and some crystal bhindi’s were used and I painted the checked background to match the tiles in the bathroom.


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