"Life is a Series of Tiny Little Miracles" Collage by Emma Mullender

Life Is A Series Of Tiny Little Miracles – Notice Them.



“Metal Art by Emma Mullender

Life is but a dream (2018) by Emma Mullender

Life is a series of tiny little miracles – Notice them.

Nature Inspired Collage


I managed to find this huge metal framed art in a charity shop for £10! I knew immediately it would be perfect form the job in mind! It wasnt much to look at with its plain copper finish, but it had a great shape and lots of potential.

The Process

The plan was to create a bold nature inspired piece of art. I started by painting the whole of the frame with black gloss paint. The images are from either taking on my walks out in the Ashdown Forest, days out with my family or my garden. As always, I used digital effects to change the look, colour and size of the original photos. I used stencils for write “Life is a series of tiny little miracles – Notice them”.


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