Love & Light



Love & Light

Available for sale as a high quality print!

Prints will have gold leaf for an extra touch.

Artwork Size Guide Price
Small 20 x 26cm£30
Medium 30 x 45cm£75
Large 45 x 60cm£125
Limited Edition (50) prints. Measurements may vary slightly!
Please let me know if you require a larger size!
"Love and Light print with border" Anarchy for Peace by Emma Mullender
“Love and Light” (2021) by Emma Mullender

Print Order Form

Please complete the following order form noting your requirements and I will get back to you with payment details. Thanks, Em ❤


You’re welcome to interpret this collage however it resonates. Whatever your views on the world today, I’m pretty sure we’ve all had a ‘Fu*k the System’ moment since March 2020.

"Love and Light print with border" on wall in living room Anarchy for Peace by Emma Mullender


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