"Upcycled Russian Doll House" by Emma Mullender

Russian Doll House



Painted Russian Doll House

"Upcycled Russian Doll House" by Emma Mullender

Inspiration and the Process

I have a collection of Russian dolls that I’ve wanted to make a ‘house’ for a long time. They had been sitting on a shelf for years, but I wanted something more permanent for them. I went on a search to find the right size ‘home’ and found a plain white kitchen shelf on a second hand selling site, which I just knew would be perfect for the job!

Using a mixture of acrylic paints, I painted flowers and butterflies on a background of black to create a arch shaped design that would help highlight and show off the dolls unique designs.

I’m not sure if I’m just imagining this, but I’m sure their smiles are wider than before, either way, they look happy in their new home 🙂

"Upcycled Russian Doll House" in room by Emma Mullender
Dolls house in their room

It is said that Matryoshka Dolls represent a woman’s fertility and motherhood. The design of the big-bellied doll portrays a mother’s plump figure and her important roll in the family, by the nesting of her “children” dolls inside.

"Before picture of Russian Doll house" by Emma Mullender"Upcycled Russian Doll House" painted by Emma Mullender


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