"Personality Portrait" Collage Tara Loves by Emma Mullender

Tara Loves



Expressing Your Personality, Hobbies & Passions with Collage.

“Mixed Media Personality Portrait” by Emma Mullender

Tara’s Portrait (2020) by Emma Mullender

"Personality Portrait" Collage Tara Loves by Emma Mullender
Tara’s Personality Portrait

Thank you so much for the wonderful picture. Tara loved it!

Helen Brooks

The Brief

I was asked by Helen if I could make a portrait for her good friends ‘special’ birthday. She wanted it to be a surprise, so instead of asking Tara what her favourite things were, Helen told me about Tara’s personality and things she loves from her point of view.

Tara is an actress, artist, party lover, and is great at telling stories. Her roots are in South London (Thornton Heath and Anerley) but her heart is in Shepton Mallet, where she used to live. Tara especially loves Glastonbury festival, where her husband proposed.

Tara is currently embarking on a journey in Shamanic practice. She loves colour, and just like a magpie loves anything shiny and gold. I have highlighted Tara’s attributes in the collage.

Some Details

The Process

I was given a few photographs of Tara to choose from but I chose the one where she looked most happy. The remaining of this mixed media collage was made with an assortment of wrapping papers, snippets of maps, fabric flowers, wooden hearts and musical notes, old jewellery and gold glittery foliage. Framed, as always, in a second-hand frame.


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