Mixed Media Collage

Commissioned Art & Prints

Inspired by you, I create Unique Commissions using the technique of mixed media collage, which include my Personality Portraits. I also sell high quality prints of my artwork.

Original Art Works & Prints for Sale

Some of my artwork and mixed media collage I make available for purchase as high quality prints.

I enjoy creating visual stories inspired from my favourite pastimes.

Personality Portraits

A visual interpretation of your personality, created by using a inspirational collection of images collaged to form art that includes all of your favourite things. Using a combination of photos, interests, passions, hobbies, quotes, favourite colours, etc, these portraits are perfect for a unique gift or for something a little bit different to go on your wall.

"Personality Portrait" Collage Josh Loves by Emma Mullender
“Josh Loves”

Unique Artwork

I am happy to make art to suit your style too! I love to take on new creative challenges, so if you’re looking for something a little bit different, feel free to contact me to discuss your unique commission ideas!

"Life is a Series of Tiny Little Miracles" Collage on Metal Frame by Emma Mullender
“Life is a series of tiny little miracles – notice them”

Collage Kits

There is something special about making your own art, the contents inside this box will help you create collages for either your own, or the walls of your loved ones.

"Montage of collage example from my first 3 collage kits" by Emma Mullender
Fancy a new hobby?

Working with paper and scissors, my collages are all hand-cut using photos that are digitally enhanced to suit the style of art. The additional use of old newspapers, books, wrapping papers, and other materials make my portfolio unique and unconventional.

Price Guide

Collage Price List

Artwork SizePrice
Small A4 / 300mm squarefrom £150
Medium A3 / 500mm squarefrom £250
Large A2 / 600mm squarefrom £395
Extra Large A1 / over 800mmfrom £495
Unique Commission

High Quality Prints Price List

Artwork SizePrice
Small A4 / 300mm squarefrom £30
Medium A3 / 500mm squarefrom £95
Large A1 / 800mm squarefrom £175
High Quality Prints