"Door Knob Mirror" Assemblage by Emma Mullender

Door Knob Mirror



Recycled Painted Mirror Assemblage by Emma Mullender

Door Knob Assemblage (2020) by Emma Mullender

I love seeing the potential in everyday things and transforming them in to one off unique designs

Emma Mullender
"Door Knob Mirror" Assemblage by Emma Mullender


For quite a while, my son Arlo had been asking me to make him a mirror for his bedroom. He has quite a strong opinion for an 8 year old on how he wants his bedroom decorated, so we talked about the colours and shapes he likes best. Arlo loves bright colours, crazy patterns and circles. It didn’t take me long to know that the ‘job lot’ of door knobs I had been hording for the past two years would be an integral part of the design!

The Process

I made the base of the mirror with a plank of pinewood, which was cut in to 3 pieces. The Planks were then held together with a 2×4 inch baton. The plan was for Arlo to help me to paint the knobs, but he got bored after painting two! I on the other hand found it quite therapeutic, and I think I achieved the crazy pattern look that was desired!

I have huge amount of craft bits and pieces, but chose to use the wooden hearts, as they fit in-between the door knobs well and helped create the circular shape that Arlo wanted, I then superglued on some glass beads for an extra touch.

Apart from the mirror itself, which was purchased from a charity shop, everything else was found around the home. I am pleased to say that Arlo loves his mirror and seems to like to look at himself at every opportunity!

"Door Knob Mirror" before picture Assemblage by Emma Mullender
Before I got busy painting!


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