"Lantern" Aseemblage by Emma Mullender

Lantern Assemblage



Lantern Assemblage on Planks of Wood by Emma Mullender

Nature inspired Lantern Assemblage (2020) by Emma Mullender

"Lantern" Aseemblage by Emma Mullender


I wanted to make a wall-hung assemblage to house my 3 lovely
lanterns that had been sitting in a box since I bought them. I wanted them grouped together to form a piece of assemblage art.

The Process

I started by cutting a pine plank of wood into 3 and fixing them together in a staggered position. I drilled a hole for the 3 brass rods that would hold the lanterns. By using an assortment of glass beads, love-hearts and gift-wrap , and finishing with a glittery spray paint, so it would create a sparkling effect when the candles are lit. I have created a beautiful one-of-kind art piece.

"Assemblage 3 Lanterns on Planks of Wood" by Emma Mullender
I am still not sure if I want to sell it or not! But if you like it let me know!
Measurements: 740mm x 430mm


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