"Oriental Garden" Detail

Asian Inspired Assemblage



Asian Inspired Assemblage by Emma Mullender

Assemblage on 2 Planks of Wood (2020) by Emma Mullender

"Oriental Garden" Assemblage by Emma Mullender


Inspired and created from my love of Japanese prints, wrapping papers and random Knickknacks! I totally enjoyed making this assemblage, it looks great in the flesh and is something a little bit different for you’re wall!

The Process

Made from 2 planks of pinewood battened together in a staggered position, this Assemblage has a feminine and oriental feel. A collection of twigs/small branches, glass beads (used as miniature vases) flowers, peacock feathers, miniature gilt mirror, wrapping papers, second hand frames (for Japanese print post cards) 3D craft birds, second hand trinkets, and old jewellery.


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