Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Do you have an idea you would like to come to life? Maybe you have a sentimental item that you would like to be displayed in a creative way? Or a quirky statement piece for your home? The endless possibilities are what make assemblage fun!

What is Assemblage?

Assemblage is a collection of found or unrelated objects fitted together by either gluing, screwing, nailing, etc, to make a three-dimensional work of art. It can incorporate a wide range of natural or man-made materials, that are then assembled to form layers, textures, and effects to suit the overall concept of the artwork design.

How it all began!

I made my first attempt when I was a kid, at the time I did not know I was creating art, or that it in fact it had a name. I have always enjoyed “putting things together”, whether it is art, an interior styling scheme, upholstery or cooking, they are all things that are assembled collectively. But there is something magical about Assemblage, I love the way you can turn ordinary everyday objects into something extraordinary.

The Process

Contact me with your ideas so we can arrange a meeting to discuss the possibilities!

Assemblage Portfolio

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Price Guide

Assemblage Price List

Artwork SizePrice
Small A4 / 300mm squarefrom £150
Medium A3 / 500mm squarefrom £275
Large A2 / 600mm squarefrom £425
Extra Large over 800mm metrefrom £545
Unique Commission