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When in doubt, don’t throw it out!

Decoupaged Bureau

"Decoupage Bureau with Assemble Art. Gilt Framed Shelving by Emma Mullender

 Restyling old furniture is a great way to transform your existing furniture. You get to choose the exact colours, textures and patterns, and quite often at the fraction of the cost of buying something new.

"Decoupage Bureau with Upholstered chair. Gilt Framed Shelving by Emma Mullender
Upcycled Peacock Design Bureau, picture frame wall shelf and Upholstered Chair

Maid Marion Kitchen Cupboard

" Maid Marion Kitchen cupboard" Glass and clock after pictures by Emma Mullender
  • "Maid Marion Kitchen Cupboard" After picture with worktop out by Emma Mullender
  • "Inside Maid Marion Kitchen Cupboard" after pictures by Emma Mullender
  • "Before pictures of Maid Marion Kitchen Cupboard with worktop out" by Emma Mullender

Emma has changed an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan! Marion was a very old piece of family furniture. Little did we know what bad condition it was underneath the many layers of paint Emma had to get through! She kept me informed of her progress and advised us with the best options. A hardworking business woman with great integrity. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Emma. Thank you for what you did!

Julia Foster
"Upcycling Maid Marion Furniture" After picture by Emma Mullender"Upcycling Maid Marion Furniture" Before picture by Emma Mullender

Butterfly Design Drawers

Matching furniture to accent colours present around the room, has given this chest of drawers a much needed boost of colour and personality.

"Upcycled 3 drawer bedside cabinet" Butterfly design by Emma Mullender"Before Picture" 3 drawer chest of drawers. Upcycling Butterfly design by Emma Mullender

Lego Storage Drawers

"Upcycled Lego Storage" Lego base board top by Emma Mullender

Parents will be all too familiar with the intense, sharp pain in feet caused by an unassuming Lego Brick!

  • "Upcycled Lego Storage" drawer compartments Duplo handles by Emma Mullender
  • "Upcycled Lego Storage" before picture of drawers by Emma Mullender

Vanity Unit for Family Bathroom

"Upcycled dressing table" Vanity unit after pictures family bathroom by Emma Mullender

One mans trash is another mans treasure. Changing the function of an old dressing table to a vanity unit has given an old piece of furniture new purpose and lease of life.

"After Picture of upcycling dressing table" vanity unit family bathroom by Emma Mullender"Vanity unit" Upcycled dressing table before picture by Emma Mullender

Do you have a piece of furniture you would like to see resurrected? Send me a picture so we can discuss ideas!

Emma x


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