A Family Bathroom

Interior Design for Family Bathroom

“Interior Styling” 2018 by Emma Mullender

"Interior styling family bathroom" Upcycled vanity unit with sink by Emma Mullender
Dressing Table upcycled to Vanity Unit

The Brief

  • Complete renovation converting a box-room into a Family bathroom.
  • Reposition the door to a central position for a better bathroom layout.
  • To create an airing cupboard and laundry basket housing.
  • Bathroom, no shower (2 shower rooms elsewhere in the house)
  • Light and airy. Black and white with wood and splashes of bright colour.
  • A space for the woman of the house to relax – Bath caddy, essential oils, candles, wine!
  • Interior that would suit all house members -not too feminine.
  • Upcycled vanity unit
  • Skull Art.

The Mood & Colour Scheme


A place for everything

Storage was an important part of the design. Toiletries, towels and cleaning products to be stored away from sight. An old 3 drawer dressing table was sourced and transformed to a vanity unit.

A cubby hole cupboard with soft close door was made at the end of the bath panel to store cleaning products. An airing cupboard was built for the towels and laundry bin. An industrial style wall unit for the lady of the house to store all her bath-salts, essential oils, bath-bombs!

The Results

Complementary colour scheme

The wall-hung taps and bath hose were mounted on the side of the airing cupboard. Black and white herringbone mosaic tiles set at a 90 degree angle and finished with an antique brass edge. Black wooden blinds, white walls, oak wood accessories and the splashes of colour compliment the artwork and towels.

The 3 pieces of art are connected by skulls and colour. The black framed prints were purchased on Etsy. I made the 3D Skull collage to match the prints and suit the colour palette of the room. The colour scheme was continued for the towels, bathmat and plant pots.

Before & After

Making a toilet area look beautiful isn’t the easiest or most exciting project to take on, but surrounding it with interesting things will take focus away from the toilet itself. I chose black for bin and toilet brush (not the most desirable objects) so they would blend in with the floor and make less of a statement.

"Family Bathroom before picture" by Emma Mullender"Family Bathroom" interior styling lavatory area by Emma Mullender

Guest Bedroom

Interior Styling for a Loft Bedroom

Interior styling (2017) by Emma Mullender

The Brief

  • To style recently extended loft extension/guest bedroom.
  • Small Room. Storage solutions to maximise space.
  • Vaulted ceiling. Minimal floor space.
  • Small vanity and wardrobe area.
  • Luxury feel.
  • Colour: Golds and Blues.

The Mood

Mood Board for Guest Room.


To maximise storage, both eaves were made in to useful cupboard spaces. The large cupboard on the back wall has been disguised by a feature wallpaper (shown in photo below) and the other eaves is a custom built mini oak wardrobe with 4 deep drawers . The upholstered ottoman bed lifts up easily for lots of extra storage.

"Interior styling a guest room" before picture by Emma Mullender

The Result

A feature wallpaper from Cole and Son (Gondola range) was chosen as it complimented the clients existing artwork that sits above the headboard. The bold pattern disguises the eaves cupboard. The wooden screen (which I found at the tip) was cleaned up and sits nicely in the corner and adds an interesting touch.

We chose a light natural sisal flooring instead of carpet. An off-white paint has been used on the ceiling to give contrast to the wallpaper and to create maximum lighting to the vaulted ceiling. A soft blue-grey paint from Little Greene has been used on the remaining walls.

The upholstered headboard, blinds and lighting are all black helping to connect each area of the room. The bedding has a soft and sumptuous feeling and brings that little bit of luxury that was much desired.

I upcycled/upholstered a Lloyd Loom laundry basket, which has been used as a seat. An oak floating shelf and a lovely second hand ornate gilt mirror complete the miniature vanity area.

"Interior styling a guest room" before picture by Emma Mullender"Interior styling guest room" mini wardrobe, drawers and blinds by Emma Mullender
Before and After Eaves space. Custom built Wardrobe and Chest of drawers.

Guest Shower Room

Interior Styling for Guest Shower Room by Emma Mullender

Asian Inspired Interior Styling (2019) by Emma Mullender

"Guest Shower Room interior styling" Bespoke cherry wood wall mounted vanity unit and art by Emma Mullender

The Brief

  • To style small shower room.
  • Light and airy feel with contrast to add depth.
  • Bespoke corner vanity unit.
  • Wall mounted fixed furniture to create space.
  • Complementary tiles and Splash Back
  • Splashes of colour through accessories and art.

The Mood and Colour Scheme

The Result


The floor tiles continues up the wall of the curved shower unit and wall-hung lavatory. The other side of the room has been painted white, and glass, brick-shaped, splash-back tiles sit above the wall-hung corner basin.


Oriental framed prints and soap dish were the style inspiration for the room. Pink and Ochre accessories such as the bin, towels, plant pots compliments the colours of the oriental art prints. Retro teak curved cornered mirror to match basin cabinet.

Teenage Girl’s Bedroom

Interior styling for teenage girls bedroom

Recycled furniture (2018) by Emma Mullender

"Interior Styling a teenage girls loft bedroom" upcycled chest of drawers and upholstered chair by Emma Mullender

The Brief

  • To style a teenage girls bedroom.
  • Unique upcycled pieces.
  • Grey and Yellow predominate colours.
  • (Wallpaper, Blinds and Carpet) to be unisex – Future room swap!
  • To include love of Owls, Butterflies and Elephants.
  • Wardrobe outside of the room on landing.
  • Light airy, pretty but not too girly, suitable design for older girls.
  • Snug and comfortable, with soft furnishings.
  • Storage.

The Process

With so many eaves and angles, storage was an issue. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough room for a wardrobe, so we chose to store clothes in 2 chests of drawers and compartment boxes under the double Ottoman bed. The bed fits perfectly under the eaves. Unfortunately there was not enough room for a bedside cabinet, but a floating shelf next to the bed works well in replacement.

We chose a mid grey as the predominate colour for the room, so flooring, walls and blinds will be suitable for future room swap. The fabric chosen to make the custom blinds is made by Andrew Martin fabric. I was lucky enough to find a remnant, so it was half the original price! Yellow Ochre accessories around the room, balance and compliment the grey.

‘Feather Fan’ wallpaper from Sanderson wallpapers, was used as the feature wall. The design has a subtle Art Deco detail, which adds interest without being overbearing. A great choice for a unisex room and for people of all ages. The duvet cover, cushions and throw team up together nicely and balance well with the rest of the interior.

Unique Recycled Furniture

Chest of Drawers

A white and grey gloss paint was used to paint the drawers and legs. The top was covered with the same “Feather Fan” wallpaper that was also used on one of the walls. The wallpaper was then sealed to a wipe clean finish. I painted the recessed handles the same colour that I used on buttons on the chair. I love the way circles have been repeated on the handles, buttons and bobbles on the rug.

Recovered Chair

I found the chair in a second hand shop for £10. It had a sturdy frame and its modern foam stuffing was in good condition, I just needed to recover it with new fabric. I chose a plain grey heavy cotton fabric and buttons that would tie in with the rest of the room. I’m really pleased with the finished result and I think the chair really adds to the overall design of the room.

Original Collage

The Owl and Elephant collage was made on 3 planks of wood, with a background of wallpapers and gift wrap. The colour of the collage compliments the accent colours used throughout the room and unites the interior scheme together.

Before Pictures

The room was a blank canvas with freshly plastered and painted walls. These two photographs show the eaves before cupboard doors were fitted. We chose to use soft-close fittings without door knobs, so the doors would blend in to the wall. Both cupboards only need to be accessed once a year (Christmas decorations!) so having furniture up against them is not too much of a problem.

Large Wingback Armchair

Fully Restored Chair. Traditional Upholstery by Emma Mullender

Upholstery Fabric. Haveli by Matthew Williamson (2020) by Emma Mullender

"High Wingback Chair" Traditional Upholstery by Emma Mullender

We love how my Dad’s armchair once again takes pride of place! Emma was extremely patient with us, expertly guiding us to make the best choices, and we absolutely love the finished piece! Thank you so much!

Jenni and Nic De Knoop
  • "Large Wing Back Chair" traditional upholstery. Finished picture by Emma Mullender
  • "Large Wing Back Chair" traditional upholstery. Top fabric on seat and back by Emma Mullender
  • "Large Wing Back Chair" traditional upholstery. Calico on, adding horse hair to arms by Emma Mullender
  • "Large Wing Back Chair" traditional upholstery, adding cotton wadding to back by Emma Mullender
  • "Large Wing Back Chair" traditional upholstery. Calico seat, Coconut fibre back by Emma Mullender
  • "Large Wing Back Chair" traditional upholstery. Adding Calico to the seat by Emma Mullender
  • "Large Wing Back Chair" traditional upholstery. Adding horse hair layer by Emma Mullender
  • "Large Wing Back Chair" traditional upholstery. Scrim with roll stitch by Emma Mullender
  • "Large Wing Back Chair" traditional upholstery. Vulcanized coconut fibre on seat by Emma Mullender
  • "Large Wing Back Chair" traditional upholstery webbed back, hessian on by Emma Mullender
  • "Large Wing Back Chair" traditional upholstery webbed and re-sprung by Emma Mullender
  • "Large Wing Back Chair" traditional upholstery. stripped chair by Emma Mullender
  • "Large Wing Back Chair" traditional upholstery before picture by Emma Mullender

The Brief

This large winged back chair originally belonged to my customers father. It had been sitting in the garage for a very long time and was very much in need of a makeover. After viewing lots of fabrics, Nick chose “Haveli” which is the most beautiful richly coloured chenille jacquard fabric designed by Matthew Williamson. I was excited to work with such a luxurious fabric!

The Process

This chair definitely wins the title of “The Longest time stripping a chair” as it took me 7 hours to strip back to the wood! There were many layers underneath the dishevelled top fabric. The chair seemed to have been upholstered many times, without removing any of the old layers! As you can see from the above slide show, there were many techniques to reupholster the chair. It was a lot of work but I really enjoyed bringing it back to life, and the fabric was an absolute dream to work with!

Victorian Horse Shoe Chair

“Fully upholstered Victorian Horse Shoe Chair” by Emma Mullender

Crushed velvet fabric on antique chair (2016) by Emma Mullender

Victorian Horse Shoe Traditional Upholstery by Emma Mullender

Thank you so much for the painstaking attention to detail in restoring my chair. It looks and feels beautiful and has been given a whole new lease of life. The care, craftmanship and professional service was more than I had hoped for and I am therefore a very happy customer.

Zoe Constable
Victorian Horse Shoe Traditional Upholstery by Emma Mullender

The Brief

This Victorian Horse shoe chair had been in the clients family for many years. Nothing was salvageable needed a full strip down and be rebuilt. My client found some great quality crushed velvet fabric that was a dream to work with. She wanted the chair to sit pride and place again in her home.

The Process

Rebuilding a chair is a physical job. It requires a lot of patience and a huge amount of time to strip and rebuild a chair. Traditional methods, which include re-webbing, sewing in new springs and a gradual build up of stuffing using hessian, horse hair, coconut fibre, cotton wadding and special stiches were used to complete this antique chair. Double piping frames the arms and side panels.

"Victorian Horse Shoe Chair" Traditional upholstery by Emma Mullender

Wood & Peacock Armchair

Fully upholstered chair covered in Themis fabric by Sanderson.

Upholstered chair (2018) by Emma Mullender

"Woof Framed Armchair" Traditional Upholstery by Emma Mullender

“Emma went above and beyond to help me source the most beautiful fabric. She has an excellent eye for detail and has given my chair a new lease of life. I love it”

Liz Stark

The Brief

Quite often the reason I’m asked to upholster a chair is because it has been inherited and has a sentimental value. Liz wanted to transform her dads old chair and small footstool. She wanted a modern fabric, but a design that would stand the test of time.

  • "Stripped back chair" traditional upholstery by Emma Mullender
  • "Traditional upholstery" with webbing and hessian by Emma Mullender
  • "Traditional upholstery" with springs by Emma Mullender
  • "Traditional upholstery" with hessian ready for coconut fibre by Emma Mullender
  • "Traditional upholstery" calico ready by Emma Mullender
  • "Woof Framed Armchair" Traditional Upholstery by Emma Mullender

The Process

I took Liz fabric shopping to get a feel of what she likes. She chose a beautiful peacock design fabric, made by Sanderson. When I received the chair it was in a sorry state to say the least! It needed to be stripped back to the wood and built back up again. Originally the chair had a very flimsy box cushion seat made of foam, which I changed to a fixed seat by building up layers using traditional upholstery methods. I also sanded the dark varnish off the arms, exposing a lighter shade of oak, which matched perfectly with the feathers in the fabric.

"Traditional upholstery" busy at work by Emma Mullender

Pub Bench

“Pub Bench” Stig Ljunberg fabric” by Emma Mullender

Upcycled Bench (2019) by Emma Mullender

"Recovering Fabric of an Old Pub Bench" Upholstery. By Emma Mullender

Creativity is making marvellous out of the discarded


I was lucky enough to be gifted some beautiful fabric from my mother in law. She bought the fabric, which designed by the famous designer Stig Ljungberg, whilst visiting Sweden. Ljungbergs fabrics was founded by Erik Ljungberg in 1948 and sold a collection of fabrics designed by Stig Ljunberg. I was super impressed by the design, it was right up my street! and I knew that I wanted to use it to cover a bench for our kitchen. Now I just needed to find the bench!

The Process

It took a while, but I eventually found a bench that would be suitable for our kitchen table. As always, I bought the bench second hand for the bargain price of £20! The bench was in great condition, but I wanted to paint the wood. I used a chalk paint (which rarely use) because I didn’t quite fancy the job of sanding the wood down! I also had the arms on the bench shortened by a carpenter so it would fit under the table better.

Unfortunately the fabric wasn’t quite long enough, but I was determined to use it, so I sewed in some black end panels each side and made a feature out of them by decorating the ends with some yellow studs. I’m really happy with the finished result and the bench sits happily in our kitchen. I even made some art to match the design!

Upcycled Retro Furniture

The Best Things in Life Are Old, Loved & Rescued!

Leopard Print Cabinet

  • "Upcycled Drinks and Glass Cabinet" Leopard print wood door by Emma Mullender

We bought this from Emma to use as a drinks cabinet. High quality finish. We are very pleased and looks great in our room. Thanks Emma!

Maggie Sharp-Smith

Large Retro Sideboard

  • "Up-cyc;led Retro Sideboard" Cole and Son Frutto Proibito wallpaper after picture by Emma Mullender
  • "Upcyc;led Retro Sideboard" before Frutto Proibito wallpaper. Door detail by Emma Mullender
  • "Up-cyc;led Retro Sideboard" before Frutto Proibito wallpaper by Emma Mullender

“Emma transformed an old and very weathered G plan sideboard for us. I fell in love with the wallpaper and set about finding a sideboard to put it on. Emma was very helpful and gave great ideas and solutions. The sideboard is now the main focus in our room, and we all love it!”

Yvonne Leggett

1960s G-Plan sideboard

  • Sanderson Wrappings Wallpaper Retro Upcycled Sideboard
  • "Before Picture of Upcycled Retro Sideboard" by Emma Mullender
  • "Sanderson Wrappings Wallpaper" Kingfisher Red by Emma Mullender

We bought this lovely sideboard from Emma. We were impressed by her professional approach and her helpful manner. We highly recommend her to others!

Mr & Mrs Southcott

Retro Chest of Drawers

The essence of art is to produce the modern idea under an antique form.     

Oscar Wilde

Do you have some retro furniture that needs bringing back to life?

Get in Touch!

Emma x

Upcycled Furniture

When in doubt, don’t throw it out!

Decoupaged Bureau

"Decoupage Bureau with Assemble Art. Gilt Framed Shelving by Emma Mullender

 Restyling old furniture is a great way to transform your existing furniture. You get to choose the exact colours, textures and patterns, and quite often at the fraction of the cost of buying something new.

"Decoupage Bureau with Upholstered chair. Gilt Framed Shelving by Emma Mullender
Upcycled Peacock Design Bureau, picture frame wall shelf and Upholstered Chair

Maid Marion Kitchen Cupboard

" Maid Marion Kitchen cupboard" Glass and clock after pictures by Emma Mullender
  • "Maid Marion Kitchen Cupboard" After picture with worktop out by Emma Mullender
  • "Inside Maid Marion Kitchen Cupboard" after pictures by Emma Mullender
  • "Before pictures of Maid Marion Kitchen Cupboard with worktop out" by Emma Mullender

Emma has changed an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan! Marion was a very old piece of family furniture. Little did we know what bad condition it was underneath the many layers of paint Emma had to get through! She kept me informed of her progress and advised us with the best options. A hardworking business woman with great integrity. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Emma. Thank you for what you did!

Julia Foster
"Upcycling Maid Marion Furniture" After picture by Emma Mullender"Upcycling Maid Marion Furniture" Before picture by Emma Mullender

Butterfly Design Drawers

Matching furniture to accent colours present around the room, has given this chest of drawers a much needed boost of colour and personality.

"Upcycled 3 drawer bedside cabinet" Butterfly design by Emma Mullender"Before Picture" 3 drawer chest of drawers. Upcycling Butterfly design by Emma Mullender

Lego Storage Drawers

"Upcycled Lego Storage" Lego base board top by Emma Mullender

Parents will be all too familiar with the intense, sharp pain in feet caused by an unassuming Lego Brick!

  • "Upcycled Lego Storage" drawer compartments Duplo handles by Emma Mullender
  • "Upcycled Lego Storage" before picture of drawers by Emma Mullender

Vanity Unit for Family Bathroom

"Upcycled dressing table" Vanity unit after pictures family bathroom by Emma Mullender

One mans trash is another mans treasure. Changing the function of an old dressing table to a vanity unit has given an old piece of furniture new purpose and lease of life.

"After Picture of upcycling dressing table" vanity unit family bathroom by Emma Mullender"Vanity unit" Upcycled dressing table before picture by Emma Mullender

Do you have a piece of furniture you would like to see resurrected? Send me a picture so we can discuss ideas!

Emma x