Peace Sign

“Peace Sign” Glow in the dark Assemblage by Emma Mullender

“Peace Sign” (2020) by Emma Mullender

"Peace Sign Assemblage" day time by Emma Mullender

Music is a language we all understand

"Peace Sign Assemblage" on wall by Emma Mullender


During the 90’s when I was a young and regular party goer, I used love the bright art backdrops that used to adorn the walls at underground raves and nightclubs. They were painted with a ‘glow in the dark’ paint so they would glow under the UV lights. I wanted to create a piece of art that would bring back those memories, but something that would look great in the day too.


I picked up this huge second hand piece of MDF for £10. It originally was covered with a piece of fabric with Marilyn Monroe’s face on it. Even though I like Marilyn, the fabric had to come off so I could get on with creating my ‘Rave Backdrop’ inspired art. It was made with a mixture of using glow in the dark paints, papers, mirrors and other knick-knacks found in my studio and around the home. I also drilled holes and thread through some copper LED lights that can be switched on at the back.


  • Size: 1.1 x 1.3m
  • 2 x UV strip lights included
  • LED lights 6 batteries included
  • UK delivery cost upon request
  • £425.00

Music is medicine to the mind and the soul

Annie Loves..

Expressing Your Personality, Hobbies, Loves & Passions with Collage.

“Mixed Media Personality Portrait” by Emma Mullender

I wanted a unique and memorable present for my mum after a particular trying year. Emma’s personality portrait did not disappoint! Emma guided me with thoughts & ideas throughout the process & accommodated a couple of last minute additions. My mum is over the moon with the portrait (as am I) & I would recommend Emma to anyone wanting something really special.

Mrs Ruth Empson-Ridge

The Brief

I was asked to make a ‘Faceless Personality Portrait’ by my friend Ruth, for her mother for Christmas. Fortunately I already had the bonus of my friends mother, Annie, being a fan of my work, so that was one thing less to worry about! A request for a vibrant and quirky collage, in a medium sized, gold or brown chunky frame with all Annie’s favourite things, which included……….

Annie Loves …

Her favourite colour is purple • She loves singing in the choir • She loves watching dance (Charleston, Cha cha cha, Jive) • Favourite song is ‘Dancing in the moonlight’• Favourite poem – ‘Warning’ by Jenny Joseph • Annie was in the 1945 film ‘Wicked Lady’ when she was a baby • Candles and Twinkling Lights, especially on a gloomy day • Spending time with Friends and Family • Loves a Bloody Mary• Bags • Laughing, particularly when things go wrong • Being outside in green spaces • Autumn is her favourite season • Reading and Crosswords• Music

The Process

I found a lovely double mounted frame in the charity shop, and because it was double mounted it gave depth, allowing me to make a 3d collage that was still protected my glass. It was first Personality Portrait that was ‘Faceless’ and was definitely trickier than one with a face, but I got there in the end!

Miniature Garden in Drawer

Miniature Nature Inspired Garden Assemblage by Emma Mullender

Bea’s Box Assemblage (2020) by Emma Mullender

"Miniature Garden" Assemblage by Emma Mullender

Emma made my daughter a beautiful and unique miniature fairy garden. Bea loves all the tiny flowers, bees and trinkets. Each time she looks at it she finds a new treasure. A lovely handmade gift, which I’m sure will be enjoyed for years to come. I’d highly recommend Emma for any unique and imaginative gifts, for others or for yourself

Yvonne Leggett


I was asked to make a unique, nature inspired gift for a 3 year old girls birthday. When making anything for little ones, I always like to make sure it is something they will not grow out of too quickly and can be enjoyed for a few years.

The Process

Created in an old drawer, and decorated with napkins, corks, lolly-pop sticks, rope, wrapping paper dried flowers, twigs, stones, pine cones, preserved moss (dried) , miniature robins, watering can and a flower pot! All stuck down with either tacks, super glue or no more nails!

Stepping Out Of Her Shell

High Quality Prints Price List

Price/Size Guide Price
Medium 450x 550 mm square £125
Free Postage and Packaging. Custom sizes available on request. Limited Edition Prints (50)

All prints will have gold leaf added for an extra touch.

“Stepping out of her shell” (2020) collage by Emma Mullender

She stepped out onto shallow waters, trusting that the sun always shines through the clouds.

She was ready to come out of her shell and spread her wings, excited to see how far she could fly

Emma Mullender

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I wanted to make a collage that expressed my process of becoming more confident as an artist. I have been making art since I was a child, but until the recent years I always felt too shy about showing my work. I am now proud to spread my wings and show the world what I do! The crow symbolises internal transformation. The Butterfly symbolizes rebirth and the shells birth and resurrection. I used a mixture of photographs, paints and pens to produce this collage.

360 Design Collage Table

Surrealist Style Collage Table by Emma Mullender

Assemblage Table 360 design with Metal Hairpin Legs by Emma Mullender

"Table Collage" Assemblage by Emma Mullender

“The world doesn’t make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?

Pablo Picasso


I found the most fantastic collage book in a charity shop, and I can honestly say it’s one of my best second hand finds EVER!. The images in the book somehow inspired me to make this table, I just knew it would look great as a table top. I’ve upcycled many pieces of furniture, but never made a piece of furniture from scratch! Ok, I got a bit of help putting the frame together (my carpentry skills aren’t the best) but pretty much did all the rest of the work! I’m proud of it and LOVE it too much to part with it!

The Process

Made from an old table top, planks of pinewood (to frame top) I used a blow-torch to blacken the pinewood and bought some 1950s style hairpin legs. The collage has been designed to make ‘sense’ from any angle you look at it. A 360 degree collage. Sealed to a wipe clean waterproof finish .

Vanessa Loves

Expressing your hobbies and passions through collage

"Vanessa Loves" personality portrait by Emma Mullender

Vanessa Loves

The sea and its endless horizon. Jade beads. Sea glass. Eucalyptus leaves. Reading/Books, and a map Cuba (to remind her of her honeymoon) Her favourite colours were: Coral and Blush pink, turquoise, navy blue, sea blues and greens.

I had a surprise 50th birthday portrait collage made by Emma, and I can honestly say it’s the most beautiful gift I’ve ever received. The care, research and attention to detail that went into it is just so moving. Generations of the past would have had their portraits painted, then it was photography. This is the next level: it’s ‘found’ photography, it’s a painting, it’s a collage of all the things that make me, me! Every time I look at it, I feel emotional. I feel I’m totally good enough at being uniquely me. Thank you so much Emma – I think you should have a tagline: Art as therapy!

Vanessa Dell

Josh Loves

Expressing Your Personality, Hobbies and Passions with Collage.

Personality Portrait Collage by Emma Mullender

Josh’s Portrait (2019) by Emma Mullender

"Personality Portrait" Collage Josh Loves by Emma Mullender

Josh Loves

Travelling. Astronomy & Astrology. Surfing. Hot air balloons. Camper Vans. Motorbikes. Art films. Cooking. David Bowie. Beer.

Thanks to my mum for buying me a totally unique birthday gift, and thanks to Emma for somehow making me look cool! Totally chuffed with it!

Josh Bygrave

Wire Mannequin LED Lamp

Wire Mannequin LED Lamp Assemblage


I bought this lovely mannequin from a local selling site. She had been hiding in the loft of the previous owner for more than 3 decades! I was so chuffed with my new purchase, I loved her just as she was, but me being me, I knew I had to do something with her! So I decided to give her a purpose, after a long thought, I decided to make her into a lamp..

The Process

One of the most of simpler things I have restyled, but she didn’t need much doing to her because she was already beautiful! I purchased a set of 100 pink LED lights on copper wire and wound them around the back of the mannequin, which gives a low-key, but beautiful glow. I also bought 2 flower garlands, chopped them up to individual flowers, and then placed them sporadically around the mannequin, but placing them so the flowers didn’t deflect from its feminine shape…

Keen on purchasing her? I’m not 100% sure I want to sell her yet, but get in touch if you’re interested!

Woman With Headdress

Mixed Media Collage on Canvas by Emma Mullender

Woman with Headdress (2020) by Emma Mullender

"Woman in Headdress" Mixed Media collage. Commision by Emma Mullender

“Emma has created a beautiful picture, it looks great in our room. Thank You!”

Mrs Lorna Goulding


I was asked to make a soft feminine piece of art for a newly decorated guest bedroom. The room was light and airy and was decorated with soft blues and creams.

The Process

Made on canvas with a combination of old Jewellery, Lace, Wrapping Paper, Pens and Paints. The image of the woman’s face was found on Unsplash.

Chris Loves…

Your loves, passions and hobbies all in 1 collage

"Chris Loves" personality portrait by Emma Mullender

Chris Loves…

The family’s pet dog and cat. Wood burners / Fire. Music: The piano, composing digital music, Orbital, Pink Floyd, (I have made my own version logos for both bands for copyright reasons). Tangerine Dream – loved by the sun, Scorpion – I’m still loving you. Places: Wandsworth Bridge Road. Rushall. Wellington. Tiverton. Prague. Liberec. Siberia-(especially lake Baykal) and South of France. Artificial Intelligence/ Robotics. Aerodynamics. Falcon 9 Space X. Science / Physics/ Mathematics. Digital Technology. His great great grandparents (seen in the sky as stars). Giraffes. Interest in Distilling Spirits. Swimming. Zenitech (his company)